I trust and respect her as a person and a health care professional.  When I recognized I needed to make some changes in my own life. I felt very comfortable in asking her to work with me. I have not been disappointed. Her gentle manner and calm approach, make it easy to talk to her. She is totally focused on you as a person in the here and now and doesn't place any focus or emphasis on past experience unless you initiate it first. "Getting on the table" is so relaxing and peaceful. Everyone should do it every day.

After working with Deb for a year, I have gone from feeling despondent to feeling euphoric! Words are not enough..........................Terry


I found my experience with Deb working on my son to be amazing. My son had a traumatic entrance to this world and Deb worked with re aligning his head, but what I found to have been a tremendous help was her working on his pallet which in turn helped him with latching and feeding, with just a few visits I can see a huge difference and I can't be more pleased and thankful for the work she has done on him......Jessica


I have now had three comprehensive sessions with Deb and have noticed significant positive effects from her craniosacral and reiki therapy for several days after treatment. Deb was able to pinpoint pain areas I had no idea existed and alleviate not only the physical stress on my body but also channel my emotions and clear my mental stress. I also experience chronic PET disorder and after an ear coning treatment my symptoms of authophony were relieved for over 24 hours which is a huge success for me. Thank you Deb!!!!............................Kate


Playing hockey is tough on the body and I have suffered everything from pulled shoulders to head injuries. I have worked with Deb after many of my injuries and I believe she has helped me heal faster. At first I wasn't sure how much the treatments would help, now I know just how effective they are.........................Josh


After 10 years of boxing, I have suffered with ongoing concussion symptoms and after two treatments with Deb, my head is finally clear again. The fuzziness is gone and my headaches have subsided. Thank you Deb...............................Bob