New year, new beginnings.

January 2018 beings with it winds of change. The new year begins with much newness. After years of preparation, contemplating, ups and downs and soul searching, I find myself in a place that has been a picture imprinted in my brain. It has definitely not been easy, however, only because I made it more difficult for myself. There have been numerous lessons learned with more to come. I now embrace those learnings as they truly have lead me here. 

It has always been my passion to want to "help" people. At the age of 10 I remember knowing in one moment that being in health care was what I was meant to do. Little did I know then where that would lead. The obvious choice, at the age of 10, was that I wanted to be a nurse. So fast forward 8 years and off to college I went. Graduated from the first extended nursing program in college and started into the world of traditional health care.